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    VMLAB in Linux / Unix running  Wine
  Wine: A Win32 emulator in Linux / Unix systems

Wine is a Open Software implementation of the Windows API, still under development. Although there is still no 100% perfect emulation of  MS Windows, Linux / FreeBSD users can enjoy now  VMLAB with a minimum of problems, being able to do a productive work.

Known problems and solutions:

  • Help files not displayed. We can provide you a PDF document with the Help contents. 
  • Some windows occasionally do not draw their contents properly, notably immediately after program start. The messages and scope window are known to be affected by this. As a workaround, after iconizing and de-iconizing the window, its contents is drawn correctly. 
  • Icons are often not drawn correctly. Dragging the icon will improve the situation.
  • Depending on the fonts available in the X server, the actual font sizes might differ slightly from the original Windows fonts, so some text labels do not fit into the allocated area, and are truncated. 
  • Some installations of Wine cannot run external commands. No solutions known at this time.
  • Versions of Wine from prior 2003-04-14 (rev. 1.18 of dlls/ntdll/heap.c in the Wine sources) caused excessive VM consumption when creating a Windows listbox with many items. Thus a newer version of Wine is recommendable, in particular when debugging devices with large flash size (notably an ATmega128). 

To use VMLAB together with the native Unix AVR toolchain, select Any 3rd party high level language generating COFF as the toolchain in the project file, but no optional build command. Compile the job externally, then run Project -> Build in VMLAB (or key F9), in order to make VMLAB prepare the project for simulation. Note that the external toolchain must produce both, an Intel Hex file containing the contents of the device's flash ROM and the COFF file for symbolic debugging information.

No test in Wine has been performed up-to-date with the ST62 microcontroller toolchain.

Please, report any other problem that you see if running VMLAB with Wine.

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