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    How to order VMLAB ?

Get VMLAB demo

A pre-requisite to order VMLAB is to have downloaded and installed the demo version. The demo version is freeware, but it is code size-limited. Your demo version has a unique serial number (s/n) available in the Help | About menu. Take note of this s/n. 

To convert the  demo software into a fully functional one, you need  a license file. This file is valid for a given s/n, and will be sent to you by e-mail. A two-steps process is used to guarantee that the license reaches properly your e-mail account.

We only sell and support the last available release. If you have an old demo release, and want to order a license, first you must upgrade it to the last release. See Download section.

Step 1 

Enter your data in the Order page

Fill the given form with your data, included the VMLAB s/n and your e-mail address where the license must be sent.

Submit this form; if your data are correct,  we shall send you a confirmation e-mail to check that this account is active and receives properly attachments.

Step 2 

Check your  e-mail to confirm order

The confirmation e-mail contains a summary of the data that you entered in Step 1, and some information to allow you to select one of the 3 payment methods: a HTML link for online credit-card processing, a  PayPal account data, and also some standard bank account (IBAN).

Select one of the 3 payment methods

  • If you want to use your credit card, just click on the  mentioned HTML link. It will bring you into our secure (SSL) online payment gateway. We accept Visa and MasterCard.
  • If you want to use PayPal, you will find our PayPal account #.
  • If you prefer a standard bank  transfer, you will find also all the necessary data.

 View example of confirmation e-mail.

Check again your  e-mail  

Install your license !

We shall send you a second e-mail with the following content:
  • A receipt of the transaction: date, authorization code for credit card, etc.
  • The license file as attachment.
  • The license installation instructions. Follow them.
  • A web link to allow the license migration to another computer.

  View example of this second e-mail.

  ORDER NOW (Begin with Step 1)

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