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Some of our customers testimonials.

Following comments are "copy/pasted" from some of our customers messages:


From Bologna, Italy, Francesco Cavalieri:

"...For my needs, it is a real aid in development of small programs, and I think it can play a good role in bigger system tuning, because it helps dramatically in fixing of small errors that often bring to system behaviour very difficult to be focalized without a very costly emulator..."

From Bigarello (MN), Italy,  Gianluca Zanni

"Perfect !"

From Paradise, Australia,  Marceli Firlej:

"...I was able to debug whole software in short time. Moreover, when I have finished my  first program it was not further requirements for the more corrections and new chip programming. ..... I need this tool for 68HC12 !..."

From Moscow, Russia, Tony Temil:

"...I started immediately to use the new release. Great!. I constantly use your program, but with the new NRZ option, in two minutes I found the problem and closed the job!.....ST must be very grateful with you for this program and for what it means for the diffusion of their microchips."

From Ludon-Medoc, France, Pierre-Henri Vulliard:

"The best I have ever seen."

From Lexington (MA), USA, Max Teissier: 

"...the tool is really powerful and easy to use, I love the code checking feature and the simulator: it's may be the best ST6 development tool concept I know."

From Poland.  Wolski  Krzysztof: 

"Very Good."

From Spain, Eduardo Gimeno.

 (translated) "...I didn't expect to have a RS232 TTY interactive cell in the simulator, and it has been really necessary. My project is based in a RS485 communications system.... so I am taking a maximum profit of this simulator."

From Janakpuri-Delhi, India,  Jitender Singh:

"...The product you are developing is such a good one, it will help a lot to those who want to develop on the ST series micros."

From UK, Gary Shearer:

"...I am extremely impressed with the product and feel that this is an asset to my productivity, even though it is a limited version."

From Turku, Finland, Jari Männikkö:

"...This software is something what I have looking for, specially scope is good and 5 different working table helps simulating"


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