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AtmelStudio 6 + VMLAB configuration (Read 6118 times)
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AtmelStudio 6 + VMLAB configuration
02/03/13 at 17:15:41
Here are suggested settings if you want to create your code in the latest Atmel Studio and run it in VMLAB.

In AtmelStudio 6:
Create a new GCC project.

Go to the project properties:
Project-> (Solution name) Properties (Alt+f7)

Configuration: Debug

Under Build Events:
Post-build event command line:
avr-objcopy --debugging --change-section-address .data-0x800000 --change-section-address .bss-0x800000 --change-section-address .noinit-0x800000 --change-section-address .eeprom-0x810000  -O coff-ext-avr $(OutputFileName)$(OutputFileExtension) ..\$(OutputFileName).cof
copy $(OutputFileName).hex ..\
avr-size $(OutputFileName)$(OutputFileExtension)

(The settings above shall be three "lines". The "avr-size" line is not needed, it will give you info in the Output window.)

Under Toolchain:
AVR/GNU Common -> OutputFiles
Tick ".hex"

AVR/GNU C Compiler -> Miscellaneous
Other flags:
-std=gnu99 -gstabs

AVR/GNU Assembler -> General
Assembler Flags:

With these settings AtmelStudio will include debug info in the created .cof file and copy the .hex file to the source directory.

In VMLab:

Create a project in the source directory and make sure you have at least these settings in the project file (.PROGRAM shall not be used):
.MICRO     "<target AVR>"
.TARGET    "<file name>.hex"
.COFF      "<file name>.cof"

Tick "Automatic VMLAB editors reloaded."

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