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Ignore "RESET vector must contain..."? (Read 3187 times)
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Ignore "RESET vector must contain..."?
02/03/13 at 01:47:34

Is it possible to let VMLAB ignore "RESET vector must contain a RJMP instruction"? I've tried the Option menu, but not able to fix it.
The code is built outside VMLAB and .TOOLCHAIN "GENERIC" is used. During the "Checking code..." phase I get this warning/error and it seems like this causes the result "Building process not completed!".
I can see this should be a warning, but I can't see it should be a stopping error. I'm working with FemtoOS and in its compact mode it starts with an instruction at address 0000 and puts code in non-used irq vectors to save flash memory. FemtoOS standard mode works fine!

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