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Cannot watch variables (Read 3061 times)
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Cannot watch variables
05/21/10 at 08:34:56
VMLAB 3.15, WinAVR 20100110
I use automake function in my project.
There is a function [i][b]signed char[/b] get_ds_temp([b]void[/b])[/i]
and there are other function calls. I want to watch variables [i][b]char[/b] buf[9][/i] and [i][b]unsigned char[/b] comp_crc[/i], that are also defined in this function. But after the other functions are called and returned to this function (run-time cursor returns to the 1st function), the watch windows says that these variables are <out of scope>.
This program I first compiled with ICC AVR 7.22 and gave VMLAB cof and hex files. This problem did not appear. Now I want to use VMLAB+WinAVR (it's more convinient), but this problem appears.

Also I noticed another problem using VMLAB+WinAVR (OK with VMLAB+ext ICC AVR): [b]Step over[/b] function doesn't work correctly, sometimes it steps into, and sometimes just runs and doesn't stop after the step.

May be both problems are connected with wrong interpretation of COFF, received from WinAVR (or wrong ELF->COFF conversion in WinAVR).

There are 3 prj files in attach. [b]heater.prj[/b] is the ICC project file, [b]my_idea.prj[/b] is the VMLAB(for ICC) project file, and [b]my_idea_winavr.prj[/b] is the project file in which I faced the problem.
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