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New 'Browse Libs' command (Read 3705 times)
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New 'Browse Libs' command
12/09/09 at 17:36:00
Important note for components developers:

In a next upgrade, there will be a command called 'Browse Libs' or something in this style, that will allow to explore the available components. See image of preliminary tests:


In order to achieve this, you should consider to add the following stuff to the RC file when developing a component (self explanatory, follow the image example):

[font=Courier New]
#ifndef INFO_FEATURES          // Provisional !
#define INFO_BITMAP      501   // #defines will go in blackbox.h
#define INFO_DESCRIPTION 502  
#define INFO_TEMPLATE    503
#define INFO_USAGE       504

INFO_BITMAP BITMAP "test_bitmap.bmp"
  INFO_DESCRIPTION, "Test Cell. Voltage-to-Frequency Converter"
  INFO_TEMPLATE, "X<instance> _test_cell(<param1>) <Vin>  <Fout>"
"Describe here how the cell must be used, properties,\
parameters, hints, etc. up to a max of 4095 characteres"

Note that this is optional, if no info is available, nothing will be displayed.

Regarding the bitmap, this is still open to debate: the attached example show a combined image of how the cell will show in the Control Panel + something like a 'schema' view.
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