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Add a new component (Read 5457 times)
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Add a new component
10/24/09 at 16:45:52
Hello, I would like to add in the list menu of component the ATtiny48.
In fact, I would like to define a new component to test with VMlab.
How can I do this please?
Thanks in advance and best regards.
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Re: Add a new component
Reply #1 - 10/24/09 at 18:15:54
Please, use better this section as a repository for created cells: a post per cell with the title. When the thread is finished it will be move to the general VMLAB section.

I understand that you want to contribute by developing the ATtiny48 model, is that right?

- First try to read and understand the metodology to create a new micro. See manual and files in /mculib directory: Mega168b.ini, and Timer0 /dummy peripheral  .cpp files.

- The first thing to do is to create a Tiny48.ini file. Use the Mega168 as template, modifying all the stuff: memory, interrupt set, mask registers and so.

- In a first approach try to use internal models for peripherals, even if not the same, try to adapt as much as possible to the memory map of Tiny48, etc.

- I guess you'll get a lot of errors messages, etc. Please, feedback if something not clear.

- When you have something that is "about" the Tiny48, with the existing internal models, you have to develop the peripheral DLLs. Start with the DUMMY one: the one that handles special registers, etc.

- An then, the rest of peripherals...

What is important is not to repeat work that some other people is doing (not to re-invent "wheels" ;))  At this moment, an active work is being carried out mainly by the forum member "ThVortex", developing a peripherals set for the Mega48/88/118 family. Apart of the /mculib, directory see this website, to get an updated picture about his work:

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