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New upload section (Read 5489 times)
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New upload section
06/19/09 at 11:01:36
Please, use this section to upload your models if you wish to share them with the users community. Use always a ZIP format.

It is recommended to:

- Write in the title a description of the cell / model
- Explain in the post what the cell / model does.
- Use a post per cell (or micro model)

Note that any kind of spam will be immediately deleted.

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Re: Actuator Model
Reply #1 - 06/24/09 at 20:15:39
Here is a model of a simple position actuator.  I developed it to test a Heating and Ventilation System(HVAC) controller I'm working on.   Basically, it takes Inc/Dec digital signals which modulate a votage output.  The output in my case represents the Damper's position.

 XDamper1  _Act(MinVolt,MaxVolt,Update)  OutNode IncNode   DecNode
 Update period is how ofen the Output node is updated.

A panel is provide which displays the status along with the outputs adjustable slew time;

With a few modifications it may be adapable to robotics.  

I want the thank the folks at AMcTools for their assistance!!!!   :)
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