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       About  AMcTools

Welcome to AMcTools.

Congratulations! You have found a new and valuable resource for your embedded systems development requirements. We welcome you to our web site and hope that we are able to provide you with the possibility to resolve your microcontrollers design problems.

About AMcTools

AMcTools is a new energetic collection of  bright and gifted European EDA engineers. Having  worked together as a team on various CAD, Microelectronics and Embedded Systems projects throughout Europe,  they witnessed first hand some of the design challenges that presented the combination of hardware and software. Then, it was decided that a valuable new concept could be offered in this field. AMcTools was conceived, with its headquarter in Spain.

AMcTools  is an independent,  privately owned and debt-free business. We help small and mid-sized companies to develop embedded systems with a very low-cost design solution. We have revolutionized microcontrollers design tools industry by offering a product, VMLAB, that remains unbeatable today to develop ST62 based applications.

Our reputation is our calling card and our credentials are second to none. This is evident from the fact that our product VMLAB are repeatedly requested at a global level.  From Finland to Australia, from China to Canada, it is a worldwide reference design tool.

What does AMcTools do?

AMcTools is primarily an electronic design automation (EDA) business specializing in the development of microcontrollers tools and hardware/software co-design. Our engineering staff  has a passion for technology on a global scale. If you feel that our experience could fit in some innovative project, please, contact us. We are open to evaluate your proposal. 

Please, feel free to make any comments or suggestions that could enable us to provide you with more useful information or improve the quality of our website. 

Contact AMcTools, we look forward to hearing from you

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