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...I didnīt believe
this tool could

"...demos were
great, easy to
use and full

mixed analog and digital simulation!..."

"....I need this
tool for Atmel,
PIC, 8051, HC11..." 

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 Recommended 3rd party design tool by  Atmel

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Finish  your microcontrollers applications before with  VMLAB.

Release 3.15 available! It is fully FREEWARE. Visit our forum.

Revolutionary microcontrollers design tool: a virtual prototyping IDE. Develop your software before any real hardware is available. 

AMcTools Visual Micro Lab (VMLAB) dramatically speeds your time to market by providing a complete view of your application before soldering a single wire.

Unlike other simulators in the market,  VMLAB features true hardware-software co-simulation, being able to describe a  real electrical netlist around your Atmel AVR. (Also available for ST62).

Your application done without emulator !!! 

Indeed, hardware-software co-design/co-simulation tools are currently used in systems-on-silicon designs where no emulator can be used at all. VMLAB brings you this state-of-the-art technology to your AVR.

Many customers over the world have already developed successfully microcontroller based applications with VMLAB.

Get it freeware

Zero cost  full license allows you to develop reliable applications faster and safer than with ICE's costing a fortune.

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Upgrade  VMLAB 3.15 available. It is fully FREEWARE. NO LICENSE NEEDED.

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Still using ICE's ?

VMLAB = all this

A top class Windows IDE, with original AVR  tools integrated, in-line errors report, WinAVR support, etc

The best AVR  simulator; with all run modes, peripherals and interrupts supported; even taking into account analog effects in ports! Multi-process...

A mixed-signal analog/digital simulator.

A symbolic debugger, providing visual debug with WinAVR.

A code quality checker, warning you about unsafe program situations.

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